Month: February 2018

Community Portal Software Brings Multiple Functions Together

Community Portal Software

A community portal is a comprehensive local web information and services resource, which bring together local information and offer services like email, discussion forums to consolidate community activity and interaction. While local needs and interests are central to…

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The Two Models Open Source CMS

Open Source CMS

Content Management System (CMS) is a term to denote a class of applications which permit sharing of ideas, documents, images and content amongst a crowd of users. One does not have to be technically qualified to install a…

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Looking Good With CMS Templates

CMS Templates

A website with good-looking well-designed web pages is not only a matter of pride for the owner but can lift the corporate image of a business enterprise, leave alone draw heavy traffic of visitors. This is particularly important…

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Mambo – A Dynamic Web Building System


Content management systems are meant to store, handle and manage the electronic data of a business organization as well as handle, update and maintain the company’s web content. The system makes the tasks easy for even non-technical staff…

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The Benefits Of Site Building With WordPress – Read Our Review

Wordpress review

WordPress, a free software, is a system by which you publish blogs. WordPress is written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. Distributed under the General Public License (GNL), WordPress, is considered to be a successor to…

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