A blog site is a website, where you can post your thoughts, ideas and experiences and share it with people with similar interests. A blog site helps you catch up with old friends and make new ones too. Available for free, a blog site can hold specialized blogs like financial blogs, real estate blogs, humor blogs, health blogs, technical blogs, and many more. These specialized blog sites help you to choose where you will post your blogs to. Instead of posting your thoughts to other blog sites, you could open your own blog site too. Whether it is political commentary, personal diary, your views on life and experiences or even travel – a blog site enables you to jot down your own journalistic thoughts on the web. While some use blog sites to organize their own thoughts, others may seek help somewhere if they get stuck, and there are some who wish to garner public opinion on an important topic or issue that is affecting a large section of the world.

Blog Site

A blog site does not merely end by publishing your thoughts on a topic, it is all about connectivity. When people or readers of your blog, comment on your postings, you get to know the visitors and readers. With some blogging sites, you could even control, who reads your blogs – whether a few people or the whole world.

With technology getting easier to use by every body, creating your own blog site is easy. There are enough help in terms of design, layout, templates and customized colors and fonts, with easy installation procedures online, which can help you develop your own blog site even if you don’t have any technical know how. Today it is even possible to send camera phone photos straight to your blogs. While you are on the move, your mobile phone can be used to send text messages and photos to your blog.

To create your own blog, there are easy and step-by-step instructions available online from reputed companies. They give you the option to try out with their tools and you can start participating in the most talked about activity on the web now – blogging. The best part is all this is free! There are many top ranking blog sites – formed according to category and viewership and page views. For instance, the top three real estate blog sites are: I am facing foreclosure, Housingpanic and Dr. Housing Bubble. Similarly if you were to look for the top three blog sites on humor, they are: Videos y Diversion, Blogzarro and Eglobel.

Blog sites are only successful with traffic. While blogging is taken the web world by storm, it is still a difficult task to get noticed by search engines. If you also wish to make money from your blog sites, one of the first thngs to remember is to blog on various topics and not just one topic. Have different blogs for different topics, and post your thoughts on subjects which you know best and have most experience on. You would be surprised to see how many people would like to learn from your experience. So how do you make money from something, where you do not have anything to sell? The first thing to do is to know Google Adsense.

Through the system of Adsense, Google pays blog site owners who display Google advertisements called Adwords on their blog or websites. When visitors visit your blog site and click on the ads that you display, it will result in your getting paid for it. You could visit Google Ads, to know more about how to make money from your web or blog sites.