The Apprentice has a Familiar Contestant

This year is the tenth year of The Apprentice – and what a decade it has been. For those of us who enjoy the show, this year promises to be better than ever, with Social Media already in a frenzy over the mistakes and haphazard business that the contestants seem to be partaking in. Hopefully, the coming weeks will show a great improvement, however one participant is standing out in particular in the Social Work community, and that’s because he’s one of us!


News that a Social Worker is in the public eye again makes most people cower in fear- in fact the bad press that seems to follow Social Workers around makes the majority want to hide from the limelight. This gentleman, however, has other ideas.

the apprentice Steven Ugoloah

Steven Ugoloah, 29 from London, made quite an impression from very early on; he’s already famous for his outbursts and stubborn nature towards his team-mates. He`s plucky, opinionated and confident- to say the least. Even if you haven’t decided whether you love him or hate him yet- although many have- it will be interesting to see how he does in the competition, as well as observe the image of Social Work he will be presenting to the audience. Good Luck Steven.

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