Community Portal Software Brings Multiple Functions Together

Community Portal Software

A community portal is a comprehensive local web information and services resource, which bring together local information and offer services like email, discussion forums to consolidate community activity and interaction. While local needs and interests are central to community portal software, it integrates various information sources and services, such as search engines and directories; it generally enables users to customize content, layout and navigation to suit their individual needs. The community portal software is embedded with easy-to-use and powerful information and content management tools. It carries numerous web marketing and community building features for local businesses, organizations as well as individuals.

Community Portal Software

If you have built a new web site or got an established one which is striving to get traffic, posting the details of your site on a community portal can not only get you free hosting but free publicity for your site which may not always be possible with a content-specific single website. After all, social networking sites, which are powered by community portal software, can help attract new audiences who have similar interests and find it easy to stop by one web site instead of hunting for what they are looking for. The main purpose of community portal software is to bring together key activities into a single site with a view to saving users time and effort of accessing numerous specialist sites.

More and more web masters are losing interest in banner ads and site link exchanges for promoting web sites. The advantages of posting to one or more community portals are distinctly superior to any other web marketing options. Social community portals are growing in popularity and millions are joining the band wagon everyday. People are interested in various topics – starting from stamps, to art, music, health, travel, business and education and many more – this means that the community portal software can handle an endless stream of potential web sites each catering to a specific interest.

Community portals which back the social networking sites must have sufficient content – in terms of listings, postings, articles or general pages of knowledge and information on the specific topic. The individual members then go on adding content in the main topic, though some base information may be provided by the site.

Community portals offer chat, friendship, advertising, photo uploads, music and video, groups, clubs and forums all created and contributed by members to be viewed by other members of the portal. Membership through a simple registration is necessary to access the information and participate in forum etc.

Since one membership allows complete access, the community portal offers a one-stop site for all usual social, personal and business relationships – a big advantage from having to remember numerous logins and userids for separate sites.

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