Data Recovery Experts

Data Recovery Experts

Data recovery experts are most certainly the best way to go if you are having problems with lost data on your hard drive. When it comes to data loss or data recovery, no one has a better chance than the data recovery experts. Data recovery rule number one is never allow amateurs (unqualified individuals) attempt recovery of the data in order to avoid losing valuable information on your hard drive. Always leave the work to the data recovery experts and system engineers.

If you attempt to restore the information by yourself, chances are that you will fail and what’s even worse – you just remove the data that you are searching for without even suspecting. That’s because when you install new software, it could potentially overwrite the files you are looking for (the ones that you accidentally deleted for example). Hence, your best shot is to hire data recovery experts and when you are on the lookout for them, make sure you hire guys that are well qualified for the job and posses up-to-date training and specialized equipment required to tackle complex data loss challenges.

Data Recovery Experts

When dealing with data recovery experts, you should tell them at first, which files are important to you so that they will know what to look for. It could be family photos or videos, scans of official documents and other irreplaceable information. By doing so, they can take extra precaution to retrieve those files for you. Also, have them sign a Non-Disclosure of Information Agreement with your company, agreeing not to divulge any information found during or after the data recovery process to a third party under any circumstances.

If you are currently researching the web for data recovery experts, bellow you will find a short list of some of the most trusted and notable HDD recovery experts that offer their services online.

Kenedacom Data Recovery

Kenedacom Data Recovery is a team of data recovery experts that have been in this business for over 15 years. They offer you state-of-the-art professional services for all media types and operating systems, including: raid arrays, servers, tape cartridges, optical devices plus all types of other hardware and storage media. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Official website is

Drive Solutions

Founded in 1994, Drive Solutions, Inc. ( DSI ) has been providing storage solutions and Data Recovery internationally to a wide variety of consumers. DSI Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from notebook, PC, RAID, and Server hard drives as well as CD’s, DVD’s, Digital Camera Memory Cards and Flash Media such as USB pen drives. According to official company data from, this company has in stock the largest number of drive parts in the industry which enables them to rebuild drives and recover data more expediently. DSI Data Recovery is a full service data recovery lab with all of the technology, tools and parts needed to recover your data efficiently, economically and without delay.

Disaster Recovery Group

DRG employs a team of data recovery experts that originally were hard disk design engineers. Because of their experience as HDD engineers, these experts have an unconditional understanding of the innermost secrets that only “hard drive engineers” would know which are significant steps above most other data recovery companies. You can get a free quote at

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