Data Recovery From Floppy And CD Drives

Data Recovery From Floppy And CD Drives

Many data recovery services offer to recover information from more than just a hard drive. Why? Because there is no method of saving your data, files, photos and documents that is completely foolproof. That means that they’ll always be the possibility that you lose your information, and that you’ll need someone to perform data recovery.

Take a look at some of the problems that can occur and the reasons you may need data recovery services.

Data Recovery From Floppy And CD Drives

A few years ago, a floppy disk was all the rage. It was the most convenient method of saving information and was therefore the most commonly used storage medium. There are several potential problems with floppies and that particular storage medium has all but been replaced by other storage devices. Today, one of the potential problems is that the program used to save a particular piece of information may no longer exist.

While many of the other files can still be opened with today’s more common programs, you may find that you aren’t able to access files, documents or photos. If that happens, you may be ready to call on a data recovery specialist to open the file and save it in a more common format that you can access. If you have a working knowledge of programs, you may be able to find a way to open the files.

A more likely problem is that the disk is damaged or the files corrupted. In that case, it may take the efforts of a pro. Don’t immediately assume that the information can’t be retrieved, even if the disk is badly damaged. A cracked case may mean that you can’t get the disk into your machine, but doesn’t mean that a person with the proper equipment can’t recover the data. It may be that the disk itself can still be read.

Data recovery from a CD may be as easy as a bit of polishing. While CDs are fairly resilient, smudges, grime or even a fingerprint may be the cause of a skipping CD or a file that won’t open. Most retail stores that carry CDs also offer a polishing wipe that can eliminate the problem.

If the damage is a bit deeper, you may also try to use a kit to perform your own data recovery. These kits – when used properly – can often even eliminate the effects of small scratches and other minor damage.

Before you take off on your own data recovery effort, consider the information you’re attempting to retrieve. Is it replaceable? What will be the long-term impact if your efforts fail? If the files are vital or irreplaceable, you may want to left the first efforts to the experts. The data recovery may be more difficult, expensive or even impossible after you’ve made your own efforts.

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