Data Recovery Prices

Data Recovery Prices

Data recovery prices vary tremendously, because every hard drive crash is different, therefore it’s impossible to give an exact estimate or state a standard price tag, without analyzing the condition of the given hard drive. Hence, it’s a good idea to look for data recovery services that have a ‘No Recovery No charge’ policy, which means that they won’t charge you anything until your data has actually been recovered. This is called the examination phase, in which you either send the hard drive to the address specified by the company or describe them the problem either by phone or by submitting an online form. With most services, you will get a quote within 24 hours and it will be send to you by email. Once you approve it, the actual work will begin and at the end you will be send a payment form or directly charged on your credit card and the recovered data will be send to you.

Usually, data recovery prices depend on the size of the drive. Typically, for an IDE hard drive with a capacity between 2-99 GB, price ranges from $300 to $1000. If the size of the drive is between 100-500 GB price ranges from $300 to $1500. For a HDD with a size between 501-1000 GB, expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $2000. Data recovery prices are really high indeed but that’s because a lot of different methods and techniques must be applied to drain out all the available options. Sometimes work must be done on both hardware and software level, so two sets of engineers must work on your project.

Data Recovery Prices

Data recovery prices for removable media are fixed with most service providers. All removable media recovery prices are fixed depending upon the size of the media and type of media. For a CD-rom recovery, expect to pay about $100. DVDs – $150. Flash card – $100.

Data Recovery Prices in Canada are available at Prices are for Canadian Clients, and are stated in Canadian dollars. The Up-Front Inspection Fee is $225. This allows the technicians at to look at the drive and evaluate the status of the drive. The deliverable from this process is a phone call or an email, where you will be informed of what exactly the problem is. 88% of all hard drive data recovery situations are actually very easy to recover (even a do-it-yourselfer could repair them in a basement), and can be done for less than $400 by this data recovery service. They also have a free data recovery price estimation tool if you wish to learn what adequate budget should be set aside for data recovery.

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