Data Recovery Service Explained

Data Recovery Service Explained

Data recovery service is a term that describes the entire process of data recovery, from file recovery to data extraction. The data recovery service providers are divided into two categories – local technicians, which utilize various data recovery software, and other technologies to recover data; and professional data recovery service companies, where professionals specialize in manipulating multiple file systems and in recovering data through cleanroom dependent processes.

When choosing a data recovery service team, make sure it’s possesses the up-to-date training and specialized equipment required to tackle complex data loss challenges. Such diligence on your part will ensure that these professionals possess the skills and know-how to access the core of your hard drive, perform a detailed examination, conduct an accurate diagnosis, return the drive completely repaired after a minimum of down time. Insist that your appointed Data Recovery Services team signs a Non-Disclosure of Information Agreement with your company, agreeing not to divulge any information found during or after the data recovery process to a third party under any circumstances.

Data Recovery Service Explained

Data Recovery Services ( provides professional data recovery service and all the expertise necessary for the recovery, isolation, redaction, and verification of your data. This company works with a variety of media including laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, SCSI & SATA drives, DLT and DAT tapes, DVRs, memory cards, floppy & zip disks, intelligent devices and internet based archives. Their facility has clean rooms and staff capable of overcoming even very severe mechanical damage, media damage, and data corruption. The company offers drop-off and pick-up service in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, Washington, Los Angeles, and other large cites around the US.

Kenedacom Data Recovery Services is a company with over 10 years of professional data recovery experience. Kenedacom’s system engineers have established themselves as one of the leaders in hard drive recovery services. They provide professional services for all media types and operating systems including: raid arrays, servers, tape cartridges, optical devices, and all other hardware and storage media. The official company website is

Total Recall specializes is data recovery services. Total Recall’s Professional Services and Software products help customers recover data files lost due to accidental deletion, virus or physical hard drive failure. Drives damaged by flood and fire are also serviced with an unprecedented success rate. Founded in 1989 and a privately held company, Total Recall’s expert staff have recovered data from more than 80,000 systems world-wide. Total Recall has three regional data recovery service centers in the United States which include Las Vegas, NV, Colorado Springs, CO and Orlando, FL and one center in Mexico City, Mexico which services the South and Central America market. More information about their services is available at

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