Data Recovery Tool

Data Recovery Tool

A data recovery tool is a software application that retrieve files that you might have lost in your system or accidentally deleted. Prices and quality of such data recovery tools vary greatly. If you do a simple Google search on that term, you will see more than 100 million results! This number is quite astonishing and that’s why it could be really hard to make an educated and correct choice about which particular data recovery tool to buy. Fact is though that a lot of marketers have entered this computer field (of data recovery) and they have mostly filled this business niche with unrealistic offers of products that don’t even work properly.

When considering the purchase of a data recovery tool, consider the following things. First of all, make sure there is a trial version you can download. Remember, not all data recovery software downloads are created equal. The fact that one application doesn’t find your deleted files, doesn’t mean there is no chance and another one can’t do it. Therefore, download the trial version first, before spending your money. Such trial versions are able to show you which particular files on your hard drive can be recovered, but won’t actually make the recovery itself. So, check and see if the files you are looking for can be restored, if not, don’t even waste your money on it.

Data Recovery Tool

Here is another useful advise. Never download and install a data recovery tool on the hard drive which contains (or contained) the information to be recovered. The explanation is simple. The reason why data recovery tools work in the first place is that when you delete a file (no matter its type) from your hard drive, by using ‘Shift+Del’ or Emptying the Recycle Bin, it’s not actually deleted from the system. The only thing that Windows does is to remove the correct of that file from the Windows File Registry, so it considers the space taken by this application as available (free). The file is actually deleted when Windows overwrites it with another file. That’s why all new files or programs that you install, could potentially overwrite the information you are looking for. To avoid that, detach the hard drive and connect to another computer. Install the necessary drivers so that Windows can recognize it. Install it as a secondary hard drive and install the data recovery tool on the primary one. Then perform the scan.

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