Free Remote Desktop Software

Free Remote Desktop Software

Review For Free Remote Desktop Software

Does Free Remote Desktop Software Work?

Keep in mind, there are a number of remote desktop services and software programs available for download that cost lots of money – you may not have even been aware you could get this type of service for free. The only downside is that you may not get as many of the proprietary features some of the for-pay programs have. But free remote desktop software works great for a number of reasons, and may just be the solution you or your team is looking for.

Free Remote Desktop Software

How does Free Remote Desktop Software Work?

Free remote desktop software works by allowing you to access different computers remotely. There are several applications where this would be handy. For example, if you run an IT business and need to log into customer computers to help them with a technical problem, they may wish for you to have that kind of access and authorize you to use it. Another example is if you work on a team of people that frequently need to access files from each other. Instead of constantly having to email or use USB drives to transfer data, it can be easily accessed and sometimes even transferred from one computer to another easily using file transfer software. Yet another example is if you work on the road a lot or travel for business frequently and do not always want to carry a laptop or sensitive information with you that could get lost or stolen. With free remote desktop software, you just need another computer with Internet access to get to the files you need.

Is Free Remote Desktop Software Compatible with My Computer?

Free remote desktop software can be found that is compatible with PC’s or MAC computers. They can also work through firewalls and other barriers to entry. Some programs do require that each computer being used have the software installed, so this could sometimes pose an access problem. But in general the benefits out-weight the negatives.

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