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A blog is a type of a collaborative diary, where writers post their thoughts, ideas, stories and experiences with the rest of the world. You could also take a blog to be an outlet for public discussions and debates with a collection of links, which take you to websites which support the topic or blog idea. You could describe a blog as a website where visitors post their thoughts on an ongoing basis. A Blogger blog is a free blogging service owed by Google, which has gained immense popularity since its launch in 1999. Since blogging as a concept lets people from all over the world voice their free and frank opinions, a site as popular as Blogger will naturally have an impact on various important aspects of our daily lives.

Blogger Blog

The Blogger Blog, like other blog sites, is the place to share information and views on which ever topic you find interesting and involved – be it political commentary or a diary of your personal thoughts, the site provides links to web sites you would like to visit. Blogger blog is used by many people for many things – some use it to jot down their personal experiences, while some use tit to harness world-wide opinion on an important issue or event which is affecting the world in general. Media correspondents use it to publish breaking-news stories.

Blogger blog is not just about publishing your own opinion, it has a lot to do with remaining connected with your friends, old and new. You can develop new friendships with people who read and respond to your blog – in fact, with Blogger, you can control who reads your blog – be it a few people, or the whole world.

The Blogger Comments section allows readers to post their comments on your blog – leaving you with the option to delete any or all, if you so desire. The Access Controls section allows you with the option of choosing your target audience. You could even use a Group blog with many contributors from your group of family and friends and could prove to be an excellent communication tool within a small group or community. Blogger Profile section allows you to locate people with similar interests as yours and also let them find you – with the profile you have posted about yourself.

Blogger is equipped with smart and easy-to-use editing tools using which you could design a good looking page for your own blog. Blogger also has a stock of very attractive templates, which can get you started even if you do not have any knowledge of HTML. You could even personalize their templates using custom colors and fonts, which according to you will further enhance the look and feel of your blog page. It is equipped with very easy-to-handle drag-and-drop page elements which allow you to place posts, profiles and images, exactly where you want them to be. Uploading photo from your own library or anywhere in the web is also easy to do with Blogger. Blogger can be used while you are on the move too! With Blogger Mobile, you can send text as well as photos straight to your blog page.

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