Implementing Act Software For Your Business

Within this article we will provide you with some useful tips for using ACT software for best results that will help your business and so aid better customer relations.

However, before you decide to make any changes to your database using the hints and tips that we provide it is advisable that you back up the data you already have.

1. Changes to Contacts With ACT you have a replace feature which allows you to replace the contents of a field for multiple contacts. So say for example the zip code changes from 00005 to 00006 then you will want to change this quickly without having to go through each contact separately and this is how you can do it.

a. Back up all data that you currently have in your database. b. Now look up those contacts who zip code you would like to change. Do this by going to Look Up/Zip Code/00005 c. Now select edit (on the toolbar at the top of your screen) and select Replace.

2. Customize your Task list This can easily be done so that you see the date, contact name, phone number and extension (if there is one) as well as what the call you will be making is regarding. So by being able to do this the screen will then give you a list of the calls you need to make each day at any given time and then allows you to clear them once they have been completed. In order to customer your task list you need to do the following:-

a. Right click somewhere in the actual body of the task list. b. Now choose the “add columns” option. However, if you want to remove a column you simply click on the column heading and drag it up and off the screen and the release it.

3. Using Outlook E-mail with ACT! This is a time efficient way for you to send an e-mail to any number of contacts in your database and ACT allows you to open a new outlook message whilst using the ACT software. So no need for you to open up outlook and then transfer all your contacts over to it. You can do it all directly from ACT itself.

Hopefully the tips for using ACT software for best results in order to improve your business relationships with your clients shown above will help you in the future. But if you want to learn more about tips for using ACT software in order to get the best results you could always carry out a search of the internet.

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