Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery is the process of recovering data from a notebook. The top laptop manufacturers are Toshiba, Sony, IBM, HP, Dell, Acer. Regardless of the manufacturer of the laptop, its hard disk will almost certainly be either an IBM Travelstar, Hitachi DK23, Fujitsu or Toshiba hard drive. Recent polls suggest that laptops are gaining an increasing percentage of the market share, compared to desktop computers. That’s why laptop data recovery is becoming increasingly important. The thing with laptops is that they are more prone to hardware failures compared to desktops, because f their smaller size and greater density. Generally, data loss situations happen with laptops due to one of the following reasons – Impact damage; Inaccessible drives and partitions; Accidental reformatting of partitions; Accidental reformatting of partitions; Hard disk component failure; Hard disk crashes; Computer Virus attacks.

In this article, we will review some of the companies that offer professional laptop recovery services. The typical procedure with such companies is to send just the laptop hard drive, however if you are not confident enough to remove the hard drive by yourself, you can send the entire laptop. So stage one is to send us your Laptop Hard Drive to postal address specified by the laptop data recovery service. Those details are should be listed on their website. Send the Laptop Hard Drive via a suitable postage service along with your Contact Details (Name, Address, Phone Number & Email Address). Stage two consists of laptop diagnosis. Once the problem has been discovered, you will be contacted to determine what data you want recovered, and you will also be given an estimate of how much it will cost. In stage three, your data will be recovered and the contents will be copied onto a CD-rom, DVD or another hard drive. Also via special request they can rebuild your hard drive with your chosen operating system and your recovered data. Finally, your laptop or HDD will be send back to you.

Laptop Data Recovery

DiskLabs Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Services offer completed laptop data recovery service, ensuring that the client will be up and running in the fastest time possible, which means that the clients downtime is limited, which is good for business and the clients’ stress levels. Recovering data from laptops has been a part of the core business of Disklabs Data Recovery and Computer Forensics for over 8 years. Disklabs are proud to be leaders in the field of laptop data recovery, and will be proud to be able to assist you getting the data from your laptop and getting you up and running in the fastest possible time. Their official website is

DTI DATA RECOVERY specializes in laptop data recovery. Their specialists have the tools, in-depth knowledge, and experience necessary to get you quickly up and running. In most cases, the laptopÄ€’s hard drive is all that is needed by DTI DATA RECOVERY. However, in situations where the laptop has been physically damaged, feel free to send the entire system. More details are available at

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