Live Mesh Remote Desktop

Live Mesh Remote Desktop

Live Mesh Remote Desktop Review

What features does Live Mesh Remote Desktop Have?

Live Mesh Remote Desktop is a Web 2.0 application so it incorporates popular program like social media for today’s user. It is cross-platform and cross-browswer and based on standard protocols and feeds like http, rss, rest, atom, json, and Feedsync. Some users have indicated the interface that makes this all come together is a bit confusing, and information is not always accessible as one would like. However, the remote access service is extremely powerful and the file manager works just like a desktop.

Live Mesh Remote Desktop

How Do You Install Live Mesh Remote Desktop?

Adding Live Mesh Remote Desktop is super easy. All you have to do is download the Live Mesh software and start to use it. Once the download is complete you can sync your folders with other computers and devices in what is called your “mesh.” This “mesh” consists of whatever devices you use on a regular basis, and Live Mesh is what coordinates all of them, and easily shares information between them.

How Do You Use Live Mesh Remote Desktop?

You will have a Live Desktop header bar which acts as your portal. You can connect remotely to other devices from the header bar. The Live Desktop comes with 5 GB of storage and allows you to see all your folders in one place. Live Mesh Remote Desktop can be accessed from any computer via the Internet, which makes using the service incredibly easy. Whenever you access a folder in your “mesh” you will see the Mesh Bar appear. The Mesh Bar is where you can access your files and where you can invite other people to view or access them as well. You can even post messages to each other regarding files easily, which definitely helps increase communication.

Live Mesh Remote Desktop has so many unique features, sometimes it may feel overwhelming. Some say the learning curve can be a bit steep as the interface is very different from what you may be used to. But once people try Live Mesh Remote Desktop, they tend to love it because of the power, connectivity, and organization it gives them.

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