Mambo – A Dynamic Web Building System


Content management systems are meant to store, handle and manage the electronic data of a business organization as well as handle, update and maintain the company’s web content. The system makes the tasks easy for even non-technical staff of an organization who can access all the information and re-use them for varied applications. The web content is meant for distribution to no only internal customers like employees, but also outside customers and business partners. The essential application of a content management system is that it handles the entire life cycle of large volumes of electronic data – from creation, publishing and final destruction. The functionality of the CMS can also be shared by ecommerce and customer relationship management systems (CRM). Mambo is such a content management system which is loaded with powerful features that can be used for from managing simple websites to complex corporate applications. Using PHP with MySQL database, Mambo is a dynamic system which can build web sites of a few hundred pages to several thousand.


The administration manager is a comprehensive tool which can make the operation of this system which is based on modular framework, simple and easy to handle, even by non-technical staff. You can easily publish and update the content using simple yet powerful browser-based tools. The modular framework enables component and class extensibility. You do not even have to have the need for HTML, XML, DHTML skills to operate a Mambo system. The user-friendly administrator web interface, allows you to enter your content, add an image and it can get published the moment you click Publish. So long as it runs PHP and My SQL, Mambo can be hosted on Linux, Unix, Windows and Macintosh OS X servers.

Mambo is the ideal solution for both experienced developers and novice users who wish to create and deploy professional looking websites quickly.

While Mambo can be freely downloaded, to use it effectively, you have to be familiar with PHP, FTP and MySQL databases. It has got innumerable add-ons, modules and templates that are also free for download. Mambo templates are Search engine friendly and are simple but powerful. Written mostly in HTML, you do not have to learn no complex template syntax etc., to upload it.

Once you are familiar with Mambo, it can add solid value to your website and considering its ease of use, web pages are loaded very quickly, a great boon to all web site owners.

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