Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Review For Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you are interested in a great solution you may be a candidate for Microsoft Remote Desktop. Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to access information on your home or work computer from another designated computer! If you have an Internet connection, you are in business!

Microsoft Remote Desktop

What are the Uses for Microsoft Remote Desktop?

Microsoft Remote Desktop comes as a part of Windows XP Professional, and allows you to designate a computer to access no matter where you happen to be, as long as you are able to gain access to the Internet. If you have a smaller computer device that you regularly carry, you could use Microsoft Remote Desktop for the same purpose: to get access to your designated computer whenever you choose. Once you are able to connect with Microsoft Remote Desktop, you will see your designated computer’s desktop just as if you are in front of it, using the mouse and keyboard in the same manner as your designated computer.

You will gain complete freedom with Microsoft Remote Desktop. You will also have the peace of mind to know you have all your important files and emails accessible at all times, everywhere!

How do You Use Microsoft Remote Desktop?

Microsoft Remote Desktop is simple to install and use. Following three criteria are all that is needed to get up and running. First, Microsoft Windows XP Professional should be installed on the designated computer you have chosen. The computer should also be networked so that Microsoft Remote Desktop connections are allowed. If you have trouble, you may need to reset certain permissions. This designated computer is called the host.

The remote computer is the one that will give you access to the host; it is called the client. The client must run under the Windows 95 operating system or later versions in order for Microsoft Remote Desktop to work properly. The client computer should also have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client software installed.

Completing these steps will give you access to your desktop any time with Microsoft Remote Desktop making it easier for you to work from anywhere you want too!

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