PCAnywhere Remote Desktop

PCAnywhere Remote Desktop

Review For PCAnywhere Remote Desktop

PCAnywhere Remote Desktop is considered one of the best remote desktop software packages available on the market today. The reason? You can access your information from literally anywhere that can an Internet connection, plus you get the great Symantec quality you expect.

PCAnywhere Remote Desktop

PCAnywhere Remote Desktop 24-7 Access

PCAnywhere enables users to control and access a specific computer with a one to one connection at any time and anywhere in the world. The technology offers remote access and control of all files and programs and can be installed on the same computer or different computers.

Why Use PCAnywhere Remote Desktop?

Users will get secure connectivity anywhere they go. This is because gateway functionality allows remote users access to the hosts they need even when dealing with firewalls and non public IP addresses. PCAnywhere Remote Desktop also supports multiple platforms such as Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS® X Universal, or Microsoft Pocket PC operating systems. This makes PCAnywhere Remote Desktop superior to other systems that still have bugs in the system when it comes to different platforms. Users also get the best Symantec technology and troubleshooting. Technical support is equipped to help remotely manage any needs that may arise while using the software. Batch transfers are also a cinch because of PCAnywhere Remote Desktop’s file transfer abilities. The user interface design is also simple and intuitive, so navigating the software should be no problem and easy to adapt to.

What Are Key Features of PCAnywhere Remote Desktop?

PCAnywhere has made tons of improvements so that users can experience the ultimate in remote desktop access. The 12.5 version uses a single setup for all supported language. If there are remote connections that are used on a regular basis, the Lightweight Quick Connection feature helps speed up the connection process. Multiple monitors can be used easily, and specific monitors can be designated for viewing. Other great features include smart card authentication and support for multiple authentication, easy file transfer, easy management of active sessions, improved performance in large Active Directories to save time, and more log details so that compliance needs can be met easily.

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