Raid Data Recovery Service

Raid Data Recovery Service

RAID data recovery service can be extremely complicated, time consuming, expensive, and on top of all that it might not always produce positive results. The complex nature of the process is often made even more severe by the field technicians attempts to recover or re-generate the array. The normal course of action, following an array failure, is to speak with the manufacturer’s technical staff, who will offer a variety of quick fix methods, such as regeneration, hot swap, etc. Good news is that those methods have proven to work well. On the negative side though, in the case when such stop-gap methods fail, they often leave your array in a badly undefined state.

Raid Data Recovery Service

Therefore it should be pointed out that the success rate of a Raid data recovery service is increased inversely with extent of recovery efforts that have already failed on an array. Array recovery is both a science and an art. It often requires the skills of both drive engineers and system programmers. This is because, the physical problems must be ameliorated first, before the reconstruction of the array system structures is attempted.

In the world of computers, RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Drives (Disks). There are five Raid levels, or at least that was the initial idea, but ever since its introduction, a lot of variations came out, most notably several nested levels. The whole idea of this concept is that RAID is used to combine multiple hard drives into one logical unit, either by using special software or hardware. In that way, several hard drives appear as one for the applications running on the given Operating System. For the most part, RAID technology is used in systems that must have the highest possible amount of up-time, like servers.

There are also many levels of successful Raid data recovery, including: folder recovery, file recovery, and file contents recovery. Every level is complex, and in 85% of all cases, at least one of these levels can be achieved.

Data Recovery Services ( provides professional data recovery service and all the expertise necessary for the recovery, isolation, redaction, and verification of your data. This company works with a variety of media including laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, SCSI & SATA drives, DLT and DAT tapes, DVRs, memory cards, floppy & zip disks, intelligent devices and internet based archives. Their fees for RAID array recovery service includes a $500 USD per drive diagnostic fee. These diagnostic fees are deducted from your final bill.

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