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Wordpress review

WordPress, a free software, is a system by which you publish blogs. WordPress is written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. Distributed under the General Public License (GNL), WordPress, is considered to be a successor to b2/cafelog, developed by Michael Valdrighi. Christine Selleck, a friend of the main developed Matt Mullenweg, suggested the name WordPress. Currently Worpress version 2.2.1 released in June 2007 is available.

Wordpress review

Anyone who has the experience of creating a website, getting the search engines to index it, getting the necessary backlinks to improve the listings and then waiting for traffic, will tell you how frustrating and time-consuming the whole process can get. WordPress can easily take out a lot of frustration from the process, by doing all these functions quickly and automatically. This brings us to the two key differentiators which make WordPress stand out: you can set up WordPress automatically to feed blog directories and ping all the RSS each and every time you make a post. This is an important attribute to those bloggers who want a heavy rush of traffic immediately. The backlinks can also be developed pretty quickly with WordPress.

The next feature of WordPress which adds convenience to web site owners is that it allows the use of Categories. Categories are a powerful and convincing tool which can improve the structure of a website making it attractive both for visitors or the search engines. For instance, imagine you have a website for home remedies. You can create a Category for different topics like home remedy for burns and cuts, home remedies for constipation and diarrhea, and so on. So when you add posts to your blog, you can choose which Category you post belong to.

The other benefit of using Categories is archiving your past blogs – not by just date and time, but by Categories as well. When you have a visitor who is specifically interested in home remedies for cough and cold, they can easily find your posts in the specific category and save time on your entire archive to find what he is looking for. When the blog site is old and there have been hundreds of posts added to it, this search can be extremely frustrating. Using Categories make the search quick and easy. Usage of Categories make it very search engine-friendly too. When you are using Categories in your blog, you are also putting a link on each page directing them to your Categories. Giving you some food for thought – would you like to be No.1 in the search engines for a particular month of the year or for cough and cold – home remedies, one of the key words of your site?

Using the Category feature of WordPress, you will ultimately have hundreds of pages on your web site with links to home remedies of innumerable day to day ailments as well as maintenance of overall healthcare. Backlinks to all those popular keywords can result in very high search engine rankings.

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