Win2000 Remote Desktop

Win2000 Remote Desktop

Review For Win2000 Remote Desktop

Windows’ remote desktop system tends to work best with the latest version of Windows, that is, the XP version. However, Windows did recently release Win2000 Remote Desktop in order to help those with older computers and operating systems use remote desktop features.

Win2000 Remote Desktop

Does Win2000 Remote Desktop Work?

Yes, Win2000 Remote Desktop seems to have solved a number of problems Windows clients have been having if they run Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 98, or Windows 95 operating systems. Clients can download Win2000 Remote Desktop software directly from Microsoft’s download center. Win2000 should allow all these different operating systems to be able to work in conjunction with each other, and users to access files from each different computer. This is a great help to people who have homes or offices that have been unable to upgrade every single computer, which can become costly. The Win2000 Remote Desktop solution will help them avoid needing to buy all new hardware, and instead just get this small software upgrade.

Once the software had been installed, it allows computers that run Windows XP or much other operating systems to connect to each other remotely without problems. Win2000 remote desktop includes options such as: Terminal Services Client, auto–repair through Windows Installer technology, and application publishing via IntelliMirror management technologies or Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). This technology can help troubleshoot problems automatically, and the terminal server allows multiple users to access the server at once. This would dramatically improve access and productivity for any group of people working on networked computers.

What is Needed to Use Win2000 Remote Desktop?

You must make sure the computers you wish to access all have Internet, and if you are dealing with a small network at home or office, you can use one PC that runs Windows 2000 Professional or Win98 and you can share access to all other computers. For setup, all that is needed is ADSL or a cable modem connection for Windows 2000 Professional. As long as the computers are set up properly, you can share access at all times.

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