Windows XP Remote Desktop

Windows XP Remote Desktop

Review For Windows XP Remote Desktop

If you have ever wanted to work on the go, but were concerned with how you would be able to keep all the important documents, files, and programs you need at your finger tips, you may be a candidate for Windows XP Remote Desktop. That is because Windows XP Remote Desktop will allow you to access information on your home or work computer from any other computer! All that is needed is an Internet connection and you are ready to go.

Windows XP Remote Desktop

What are the Uses for Windows XP Remote Desktop?

Windows XP Remote Desktop is included with Windows XP Professional, and allows you to access a computer designate from anywhere else on the Internet. You can even use Windows XP Remote Desktop in conjunction with a Netbook, Pocket PC, or Smartphone to do the same thing! Once you have established a connection via Windows XP Remote Desktop, you will see your desktop as it really is and you will use the mouse and keyboard just like you would at your real computer. It is like bringing your computer everywhere you go – without really having to!

Windows XP Remote Desktop gives you total freedom to move about, knowing you have easy access to all your important files and emails, no matter where you happen to be.

How do You Use Windows XP Remote Desktop?

Using Windows XP Remote Desktop is actually very easy. Only three things are required to get started. First, Microsoft Windows XP Professional needs to be installed on the computer you wish to have remote access to. The computer must also be networked in such a way that Microsoft Remote Desktop connections are allowed. This may require resetting some permissions, which could be tricky if you are unfamiliar with the process. The computer you select for remote access is also called the host computer.

The remote computer that is used to access the host must be running Windows 95 or later in order for Windows XP Remote Desktop to function properly. The remote computer also needs to have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client software installed. The remote computer is also known as the client. Both the host and client computers must be connected to the Internet through a VPN connection.

So, as long as these few simple steps are followed, you can have access to your desktop any time, anywhere with Windows XP Remote Desktop!

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